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In this presentation, the final installment of The Resurgence of Downtowns, we will visit four downtowns, three that are small and rural and one in a bedroom community. 

You’ll see and learn: 

  • What it looked like before and what they were dealing with. 
  • Who took the lead, and why they even attempted “the impossible." 
  • What went right (the small wins along the way) 
  • What went wrong (the red herrings and mistakes - “We won’t do that again!”) 
  • How long it took to get to the turning point 
  • How much it cost and where the money came from 
  • And the results - which are still a work in progress. After all no downtown is ever 100% done! 
This is a great way to actually see, from real-life case histories what it takes to turn a dying downtown (if not already dead) into an amazing destination you’ll want to visit - if not move to!


  • 8:30am Pacific
  • 9:30am Mountain
  • 10:30am Central
  • 11:30am Eastern
  • 12:30pm Atlantic
About Roger Brooks

For more than 30 years Roger has helped transform ordinary places into extraordinary destinations. He’s worked with a thousand communities and businesses around the world, guiding them in their branding, marketing and product development efforts.


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